Counting Pennies

These days I have been learning to count my pennies. Literally. The Dugan Household is on a major spending freeze, so we have been budgeting our money down to the last cent. We have been using the cash system for groceries and household needs- and I LOVE IT.

Surprisingly, it has been fun trying to save.  I’ve been hoarding the leftover milk and egg money away , in a fund that we have been calling “Petty Cash “. Original right?!  Im amazed at how it has been growing and I am SO excited that I have finally saved enough to get my hair done tomorrow! Yay! I’ve said no to a many Salted Carmel Mocha’s to make it happen. Oh Starbucks- you and your ridiculous prices break my heart …but at least my hair will be pretty!

Now I am trying to decide what I will save for next. Looking at this list of goodies, there may be a lot of rice and beans in my family’s future- good thing our family LOVES rice and beans…for now.

Lately I have been eyeing  these gorgeous Toms boots. I am just obsessed with Toms. Their company is outstanding for so many reasons, but my favorite is their “one for one”.  You buy a pair of shoes, or boots and they send a second pair to someone in need. What is not to love? Also, Toms happens to be the only pair of shoes that don’t hurt my feet. I had major foot surgery when I was 13 and ever since then comfortable shoes have been horrible to find. Then I met Toms.  Now I can shoot a wedding for 12 hours, and come home without sore feet. Lovely. Im not getting paid to rave about these by the way – but if I were to work for a company- Toms would be at the top of my list!




I love to eat. I especially love to eat when I don’t have to cook or clean up afterwards. My brother in law just told me about Streetz. Apparently they have POUTINE on their menu. POUTINE! Ahh- I have to stop myself from running over there right now. There is nothing better than fries- cheese- and gravy. Absolutely nothing. It looks like a fun and affordable place to go on a date…ahem… Michael?


Last year we bought a beautiful sectional from Ikea. It is very comfortable, but it needs a bit of “pretty” in it’s life. I recently found these pillows at West Elm and I’m totally taken. Isn’t that fox to die for? Applicable too since we have our own Mr. Fox that roams our neighborhood! Now he can live in my living room!
pillow2 pillow4 pillows1pillowthree



I am itching to read this book. I can just picture it now… snuggled under warm blankets , journal and coffee in hand, in front of a warm fire…Soon! Our fall trip to the cabin is coming up in a couple of weeks- and I can’t think of a better book to bring.



This jacket from Lululemon. Or one like it. Actually anything Lululemon will do! I spend %90 of the week in gym clothes, so I might as well look cute too right? Plus it is getting colder, so a jacket is a real necessity! 


These are the reasons you can find me under the washing machine searching for lost dimes and quarters! What are the things you are saving up for? And what are your tips and tricks to make it happen? I’d love to know!


3 thoughts on “Counting Pennies

  1. Lately, I’ve been using that Prior Lake garage sale site a lot. I’ve decided to only use the cash from that to buy things for myself. That way I don’t have to feel guilty, and I get to treat myself too!

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