That Face.

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Picture this:

Me . Frantically  trying to get all the kids out the door. ( We were late per my new usual )

Me: Lili- take off your sandals and put on some socks and shoes.

Lili: “No Mama. I’m fine.

Me: I really think you should put on some socks and shoes. It’s cold outside. While you are at it- go get a jacket on too.

Lili: Nnnnnoooooo Mama. Ill be fine. ( crosses arms )

Me: Ok… ( deciding to chose my battles )  Well if you don’t care if you are going to be cold, then I don’t care either.

Lili: YOU DONT CARE IF I”M COLD! ( Stomps little barefooted feet )

Me: Loud exasperated sigh.

All you Mamas out there. You hear me?



3 thoughts on “That Face.

  1. Carol Freeman says:

    Priceless!!! And yes, I have definitely seen that one before – on all my girls, but probably particularly on Jenny’s! Hang in there, keep loving them fiercely! You’re doing a great job! You’ll never regret it!

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