Christmas Crafts




This morning Lili and I set ourselves up with hot cocoa, cookies,  christmas music, and this clothespin craft . Before you think that I live in a whimsical land, with oodles of cute craft ideas coming out of my pores, and begin to hate me … You should know that I’m not usually the type of Mom that digs into her craft closet, EVER.

Admittedly, I don’t even have a craft closet !I’m sure if you searched hard enough around my house you may be able to find a few broken crayons and an old glue stick.  Thank goodness for Target’s $5 holiday craft section , because when it feels like -25 degrees outside, and you are one step from losing your mind, and dried up play dough just doesn’t cut it anymore, this Mama needed some new options.

I love how these cuties turned out. Virtually no mess involved ( my idea of a good craft ) and I love that she will have these to keep forever. Well, as long as the dog keeps her paws off! We already have had an incident involving  Santa Clause’s head !

My favorite is the reindeer! What is yours?



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