$63 and counting…

Do you do New Year resolutions? Some years I do, some years I don’t . This year I have a big one. Sitting here in frigid Minnesota winter, I am motivated to save more than I ever was before.  Remember this post?

Since then, my saving priorities have changed. Due to the fact that I loathe winter. My tolerance and patience level for anything wet, cold, and white disappears as soon as Christmas ends. All I can think of is palm trees, warm balmy weather, and white sand beneath my tosies. I seriously fall asleep and wake up thinking of the ocean.

I am not, will never be, a true Minnesota girl. Never. Just because I am was born in Canada does not mean I have an affinity for cold.  I have decided that in order to survive life in  the frozen tundra , a yearly tropical escape is a necessity. It is vital to my sanity- I’m not kidding. Just ask my lovely kids, temps below 20 turn me into mean mommy.

It’s all lost for 2014, Ill just have to survive this winter by eating Vitamin D like it’s crack.  But take a look at this jar…


I am, without shame, now hoarding every extra cent I can from our grocery budget…we are currently at $63.16 and counting…

Hence my 2014 resolution . To save enough cash to get the %&*^*(^$%^*(*() out of here next winter! January 2015. I WILL be on a plane to Sandals. I can almost hear the ocean and taste sweet sweet Pina Colada…

I have set one ground rule for this little jar of mine.

1. Once the quarters and dimes go in- they will not be going out. Not for an emergency car fix, or a broken dishwasher, or a leaky pipe. Once it is in, it’s as if it doesn’t exist. No exceptions. Hear me Michael? You will thank me when you are sitting with me poolside. Start saving your vacation days, and feel free to drop in a few dollars now and then. xoxo

I’ll keep you all posted monthly on how my little “honeymoon” jar is doing but for now I want to know, What big purchases are you saving for? A getaway? A new home? How do you achieve those goals? I’d love to hear them!







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