The Old Days

I suppose I should join the chorus of all the other Minnesotans today. It is stupid cold outside. Record breaking temps. With windchill it feels like a steamy -41 degrees F. I can’t complain though. It is impossible to when school was cancelled for today and tomorrow . We have been lounging around in our p.j’s doing absolutely nothing productive. It is just what we needed , especially since Caleb was throwing up all night long. Poor kid. All of the late hours, wii games, and junk food has caught up to us.  I am happy we don’t have to rejoin real life yet ! I’m not ready. So thank you Minnesota. There is hope for you yet.

This break has reminded me of the earlier days of parenting. When I had three kids, ages five and under. The days when it was frigid cold outside, but I didn’t have to go anywhere. So we hibernated at home.  The coffee was free flowing, Pandora was on repeat, and I spent hours on the floor reading books, tickling footsie- jammied toddlers, and building cities out of blocks. Sometimes I miss those days. I know it wasn’t always the ‘easy’ life, and that I am forgetting about the teething , the sleep depravity, the diapers, the mess, and all the crying. Oh the crying! However, it was a good phase. One that I took for granted back then…oh what I wouldn’t give to rock a freshly bathed,  little baby Bella or Caleb to sleep again.

The stage of parenting we are in has some awesome perks too. Like sleeping in until 9:30 several times during break. Bella even made coffee and brought it to me! Sweet Girl. We have trained her well. I love that we can have family game nights, and that our conversations go deeper than what the latest Disney movie is. It’s fun to take my little girls shopping, paint their nails and curl their hair. They are old enough to celebrate with , to mourn with, and to dream with. We can FINALLY sit down at a restaurant and have a relaxing meal without french fries flying all over the place and a child or two screaming. It’s a good phase. I need to remember that, because this time in life will fade away as quickly and quietly as the other one did.

So here is to another day. A day of naps, of Mary Poppins, of popcorn and hot chocolate, of cuddles on the couch, and afternoon crafts. A day of being thankful and appreciating the little things around me. I am one happy Mama!








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