Puke Fest 2014

You can’t tell from this picture but just moments before I took it, Lili had thrown up the entirety of her lunch ( and more ) ALL over my bed and floor. I’ll spare you the lovely details, but I will say that as far as puke goes… this one was of epic proportions. What is it about Winter and the stomach bug? Every year it hits us hard. Caleb was first and he generously passed it on to Bean.

She seems fine now though. In fact she was acting like a wild child all afternoon-  bouncing off the walls as if she wasn’t sick at all. She has no fever. No headache. No Tummy ache. But her puke fest bought me another two loads of laundry and another day at home. Le Sigh.

I’ve been making my kids wash their hands like I’m a drill sargeant on steroids, and have disinfected every surface in my home, so that this doesn’t spread. A mama can hope right?

So what about you and your family? Do you get the bug every year ? How do you stay sane until it passes? Or do you have tricks to ward it away ?

Update: Word on the street is Michael may have an invitation to join the party. Pray for us.


2 thoughts on “Puke Fest 2014

  1. mrkaufmann says:

    Hey there…this is late but if it helps, I thought I’d drop a quick comment to tell you a trick I found on Pinterest. My husband and I have been giving our kids (all 5 of them) and ourselves a glass of Welch’s 100% grape juice every day since October. According to what I’ve read, the grape juice has acid that the stomach virus can’t live with in our system. So far, we have avoided the dreaded stomach bug, even after being exposed to it at a homeschool co-op where every other family went home and puked for days afterwards. So, I don’t know if it really will work but so far we are puking free. Just thought I’d pass that along!

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