Menu Making and Grocery Shopping-On Saving

I’ve always said that if I won the lottery I would hire someone to do all of my grocery shopping and if I could afford to do that, I most likely could afford for them to cook for me too. That would be the life…

But until that day, all of the menu making, grocery shopping, and cooking falls on me. Unless Michael decides to cook , which admittedly he does often. In fact, right now I am hiding out in my room hoping he will start dinner. Id much rather scrub the floor than make another pot of rice and beans.

Needless to say, over the years I have created a method that seems to work for us and our budget.

1. Every Friday morning I sit down and make a weekly menu. Honestly,  this ritual involves a lot of huffing and puffing, but in order to save money, and my sanity it is a necessary evil.  I try to include at least one or two meals that I know everyone in my family will eat. We can get very emotional about food around here, so this Mama tries to keep bellies happy.  I also take in consideration of what events we may have going on during the evenings. Bella has dance on Tuesday nights so those meals are always easy dinner nights. Friday Nights I like to make something fun, and Sunday’s I am always craving comfort food. This time around I made a monthly menu, and so far it seems to be working.

2. Pinterest. My best friend when it comes to menu planning. New ideas and recipes make cooking less of a chore, and it’s easier on my brain to come up with all those meals. Plus, I can plan our dinners around our allergy needs and budget.

3. Budget. Every two weeks I take out our grocery money in cash. When it’s gone for the week,  it’s gone. I make a habit of setting aside some cash each week for our Costco fund. If there is any extra after that I toss it into our Honeymoon Jar. It’s amazing how fast it can add up.

4. Costco. We buy rice, chicken, toilet paper, laundry detergent, coffee , dishwashing detergent, and dog food in bulk there. Some of our other favorite Costco items are almonds, quinoa, and hummus.

5. For the past few years we have purchased a 1/4 cow. It’s nice knowing that we have really good meat stored in the freezer and it makes stretching dollars at the end of the month much much easier. This year I’d like to buy 1/2 cow since Caleb can eat steak like it’s going out of style. Sometimes I miss the days when hotdogs were his steak. We never should have let him try ours!

6. Every so often I carve out enough cash for a special dinner out. It’s a nice treat to look forward too, and it’s always better when someone else cooks for you!

So how about you?  Do you like cooking or do you dread it like me? What tips do you have to make it easier and more fun? I want to know!


6 thoughts on “Menu Making and Grocery Shopping-On Saving

  1. I think I found this blog due to my cousin, who is a mother, but even as a no-kids-having, back-in-school person I’d like to share the meal-planning tool I have recently found.

    You can search for things without things you’re allergic to (or don’t like), or specific diets (gluten free, vegetarian, etc). It sort of scours all the other recipe sites out there for recipes. Just another site to have in your pocket.

  2. Hi, New to your blog. I found it through your we can’t be friends post. Something that we do to save more money is making our own dishwasher & laundry soap. It saves so much money! Both recipes and several cleaning ones as well can be found on pintrest. I do my grocery shopping two weeks at a time and meal plan as well. I try to ask around the family but most of the time I get one idea or I don’t know. Loving your blog by the way!

  3. Leann Atilano says:

    Hi Cari! Love the blog. If you want to fill up that Honeymoon jar quickly you need to make your own soap. I made mine for less than $20 and it is supposed to last 9 to 12 months. I made it a month ago and it looks like I haven’t even used any. I do about 5 loads a week. I was using Kirklands pods which was 90 loads($15) and that lasted 4 months after my 3 year old would bust them for fun. It’s all on pinterest. Its all on my pinterest cleaning board.

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