MnDOT. I hate you.

So maybe that is a bit harsh.  I really don’t hate MnDOT. Not at all. But I need someone to blame for my terrible morning, and they appear to be a good enough culprit.

If you were lucky enough to miss all the drama on my facebook today, it took me nearly two and a half hours to take my kids to school. Usually it only takes me 25 minutes. In those two and a half hours, I did not see one single snow plow or salt truck. Not that it would have made any difference. The road was so grid locked that I’m sure they were all stuck in traffic as well.  But I couldn’t help but think those plows were just at home tucked in their bed.

Precisely where I wanted to be.

I know we Minnesotans like to pride ourselves as being tough drivers. Snow doesn’t scare us. But the roads were not just kinda bad. They were really really bad. The roads were being dumped on and I could barely see in front of me. About an hour and a half into it, I was ready to turn around, cry chicken, and go home. But then I missed my exit, and the older two began fighting like two puffed up roosters.  Which ultimately sealed their fate. The roosters were going to school. Even if it took me all day to get them there. I kinda felt like Pa in Little House on the Prairie. Except it is 2014, and my Passat is my horse and carriage.

You should know that I am not a fan of driving in the snow. Living in Minnesota, has forced me to grit my teeth and just suck it up. But HELLO Minnesota. If there is a wintery advisory warning – Cancel school. Or at the very least- give us a late start so the plows have time to do their jobs. Next time I am going to call it myself .

By the time I walked the kids to their classes and got back to the car, the windshield was filled with ice. A lot of ice. I scraped as much off as I could, turned on the car, and flipped on the windshield wipers.


I tried again.


Cue the cursing.

I may be becoming a skilled Minnesota winter driver. But a girl can NOT safely drive in a Blizzard without windshield wipers.

Michael called VW and they told him that the repair was most likely going to cost us $600. Do you know how many Carmel Mocha’s that is?!

I utterly lost it.

Crocodile tears and shudders, snot pouring down my face- lost it. It wasn’t pretty. I didn’t care.

Michael, ( bless his heart ) met me at the service station that I crept fearfully to, and with the spoon he found in my car ( don’t ask ) , he chipped off all the ice. Smart guy had the foresight to open the hood of car to get better at it. See why I need him so much?

Still. The windshield wiper’s motor kept silent.

It seemed as if we were to be $600 poorer.

Michael graciously gave me his car to drive myself home and I left him with mine. Which only caused me more anxiety, I hate driving other people’s cars.  I feel so stupid driving Michael’s car, especially with five inches of snow on the freeway. I was sure that I was going to end up in a ditch somewhere.

Minutes later Michael calls  to tell me that the windshield wipers on my car are miraculously working and he orders me to head to Starbucks so he could buy me a coffee.

That was the exact moment the sun came out today. It was also the moment that it stopped snowing, and I stopped crying. Seriously.

He really knows the way to my heart.

Then it gets better ( or worse ) , only time will tell…

As I am leaving Starbucks to finally go home,  the little girl who has been sitting in the car for four hours pipes up, ” I ate the chicken.”

Me alarmed, “What chicken?!”

Little Girl, “The chicken in the Chick- fil- a  box.”

A long pause…

People- We had Chick- fil a- two weeks ago. TWO WEEKS AGO.

I could do nothing but laugh.

Oh Boy.


6 thoughts on “MnDOT. I hate you.

  1. findingcoopersvoice says:

    So, first I wanted to comment because I am a fellow Minnesotan and know exactly how you feel! Second, when I read the end of this post about the chicken I laughed out loud!! Oh. My. Gosh. So funny!

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