What’s For Dinner This Week ?

Please don’t judge me based on my eating habits. I try to keep everything as healthy and balanced as possible- but sometimes a girl just needs her bon bons and Cheetos right?

I am so excited for what is going to go in my belly this week!  Some of these items literally have my mouth watering. I’ve mentioned before that I like to use Pinterest to curb the eating boredom. It is so easy to get stuck on the same foods week after week. I also use it so that I stick to my grocery budget! Another score this week! So if anything here suits your fancy, head over there and check them out for yourself. My food Board is labeled Dinner Time.

Friday: Brazilian Stroganoff with Brazilian Rice

Stroganoff: Basically I take 2 cans of chicken and saute them with a little bit of butter and half of a boullion cube. I season with oregano, salt and pepper. When it is hot, I add two cans of creme de leite, and a can of corn. I let that heat up but not over cook. Serve over rice.

The Brazilian Rice is super easy too. I dice a few cloves of garlic and saute with oil in a pot. Then I add the rice and saute that together. When the rice is loose ( not stuck together ) I add enough water to cover the rice ( about two cm) . We use salt to taste. Let it boil. Then turn it down low, and cover the pot until it is the density you want!

We top this dish with shoe string potatoes. It’s the american substitute. It works!

Saturday: Taco Salad : Pretty Straightforward it’s like a taco in a bowl. We just add brazilian rice.

Sunday: SUPERBOWL – which means I will end up in a junk food coma by Sunday Night.  Michael is in charge of feeding us then, and he is not a planner.  I am excited to see what we have!

Monday: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers: Pinterest 

Tuesday: Salad with grilled Chicken, Avocado and honey and lime vinaigrette: Pinterest 

Wednesday: Brazilian Rice and Beans : So I am pretty lazy when it comes to beans. You can make them with a pressure cooker, but these days I just open three cans of black beans! I always saute garlic, onion, and sausage in a pan first though. Then I season to taste. If I am feeding a large crowd then the pressure cooker is the way to go. In that case, Ill add a bay leaf in the mix too. We serve it over Brazilian Rice- Instructions Above. Some days I’ll add a salad, or fried eggs to the combo. Yum Yum Yum.

Thursday: Vegetable Fried Quinoa : Pinterest

Friday: Tilapia, Baked Brussel Sprouts, and Smashed Potatoes : Pinterest 

I want to know:

What is on your dinner menu this week? Or do you forgo all the planning and like to wing it? My mom has the most amazing deep freezer and food pantry. I could make a killer meal out of there for a whole six months without planning ahead.  Now THAT is the life. Please comment Below!


10 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner This Week ?

  1. Mmmmm, Cari, those sound delicious! Some go-to meals we’ve been doing (that the kids will actually eat) are crustless quiche, pancakes/eggs/bacon for dinner and oven fajitas. I’m basically eating all of my stuff over lettuce. Starting to feel a bit like a rabbit! And yes, I plan out the whole week, too. Right on our kitchen chalkboard 🙂

  2. Jaime says:

    Hi I love reading your blog. I also love your pictures. I am a stay at home mom also and love every minute of it (some more then others) but anyway I was curious about what type of camera you use to take your photo and the type of lens that you use. Thanks for sharing your life story!!!

    • Awe. Thanks . You are too sweet! I shoot with a Nikon D700, my go to lenses are the 2.8 24-70mm and my absolute favorite is my 85mm 1.4. Hoping one day soon to add the 35mm 1.4 to that collection!

  3. I am like you. I like to plan a menu, and then a grocery list around that menu…reusing ingredients in different back to back meals when I can. You’ve got some pretty good recipe ideas here! We calorie count in my house these days, so I’m always looking for great, health, kid-approved recipes. If you’re in the mood to browse some more ideas, I have a both a pinterest site and a blog full of recipes here at wordpress. check it out: http://www.mommysonadiet.wordpress.com

      • Menus are the best!!! It definitely keeps things from going bad too! I’ve just started blogging and one of my aims is to provide a few kid tested and approved recipes as well as easy make at home recipes for our favorite things. If you have some free time, I would love the support of some seasoned bloggers 🙂 reinventingsupermom.wordpress.com

  4. This weekend I made a meal plan and shopped that.
    I choose to do croc-pot meals and croc-pot deserts. I love croc-pot meals, so easy and I dont have to do the madd dinner rush when my husband gets home. Its hot and ready. 🙂

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