Washing His Feet

baby-10Michael and I were married when we were young. Very young. Just a few days past my twentieth birthday, young.

I have no regrets. We were crazy about each other. Still are. We were totally blinded to the reality of life. Love will do that to you. We truly believed that life was good as long as we had each other. And it has been.

Our ceremony was simple and sweet. We said our vows at sunset, in candle light. He washed my feet. I washed his. Little did I know then, how that simple act was going to be repeated a million times over in our marriage. Not literally, ( although we have from time to time ) , but in the sense of serving each other, and putting each other’s needs before our own.

Marriage isn’t always easy. Sometimes it is just plain hard. Especially when you do a lot of “growing up ” together. Three kids under five years old, and two international moves are intense. I am sure the walls of our old house can tell you a story or two .  However, our commitment to “washing each other’s feet”  has been the core of our marriage. It is what makes us humble, and keeps our marriage strong. It is what chases away angry words in the middle of the night, and closes any space between us. It is what makes empty bank accounts rich, and failed dreams bearable.

The younger version of me used to think that love was all romance and flowers. Sweet notes left on pillowcases, and passionate kisses.

But all that is just the icing on the cake. I know better now.

Washing His Feet is Love. 

When I said, “I do. ” that night ten years ago, I was so confident that I could never love another human being more.

I was wrong. 

I love him more today that I ever did back then.

Happy Valentines Day Sweetie.



8 thoughts on “Washing His Feet

  1. Love this and I agree, marriage is hard but you stick through the tough times, you savor the sweet and you get to best part. Love grows deeper as time goes on. Happy Valentine’s Day my friend!

  2. McKenzie says:

    Love this! You inspire me Cari. I’ve always admired your relationship with your husband and have thought, “I want to be like Cari in this.” I love your heart and the way you express it.

  3. This is so incredibly sweet. Thank you for sharing it with us. I know that love you describe and have only gotten to this point because we too “grew up” together. The hubs and I became friends at 14, started dating at 19, got married at 27 and at 33 with two kids in tow, we are happier and stronger than ever. I loved reading this 🙂

  4. breezymommy says:

    Hi again! That was so beautifully written. I married young as well ten years ago last August. I’ve realized during this time we’ve gotten grey-er (him not me) and our problems/discussions are more rounded (with our 3 children) but our love has grown exponentially. I didn’t have a word for the back and forth feeling of love we have for each other until reading your blog entry. My husband has been washing my feet for years and I hope I have done a great job for him. Thank you for writing these words and highlighting your devotion. I wish you two many more years.

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