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Truth be told, I am a little envious of anyone who knows how to run a sewing machine. This girl Laura Piggott from Waffle Kisses knows how to run one like a boss! She is also a fabulous artist and uses her talent to create the most beautiful products! I was lucky enough to get to know her in high school as she is a beautiful person through and through. It is so much fun to feature her and her shop Waffle Kisses!


Photo credit: Sarah Evans at www.shoeboxpics.ca

When did you discover a love for sewing? 

My earliest memories of sewing are with my grandmother.  She was an avid quilter, cross-stitcher and embroiderer and taught me simple patchwork.  In high school I signed up for clothing and fashion classes and started altering vintage dresses I found in thrift stores to make Halloween costumes.  After high school, I didn’t sit in front of a sewing machine again until my son was born in 2009.  I was looking for modern baby blankets and quilts online and was in awe of all of the modern quilts I was seeing in blogland.  I went out and bought my very first machine and made my first quilt using Elizabeth Hartman’s online tutorials.  The rest, as they say, is history.


When did you open up shop? 

I started my original business, Lil Pig Designs, in 2010.  At the time, I was focused on baby related items, but since then I’ve rebranded myself, changed my business name to Waffle Kisses, and branched into housewares and accessories in addition to bed and stroller quilts for all ages.

What is usually your inspiration for new products? 

I am constantly inspired by modern quilts, patchwork and fabrics.  I like to blend these modern aesthetics and elements with timeless, classic comforts in housewares and home accessories.  It creates such a fun juxtaposition.  When thinking of new products or designing new patterns, I look to items I would enjoy having in my own home.  Whether it be a teapot cozy, a cup sleeve or a table runner, I try to imbue it with the same special qualities and comfort one would find in a quilt.  Not everyone has the space or budget for a custom quilt, but smaller-scale items can be just as cozy and heart-warming.


How do you balance your business and your beautiful babies? 

I’m not sure that I do.  People often ask how I get so much done with two kids at home, a part-time teaching job and my duties as President of the local modern quilt guild.  The answer is a lot of late nights and copious amounts of caffeine.  It’s always a bit of a juggling act, but my kids are top priority.  I like the freedom of being (mostly) self-employed in that it allows me to work around their schedules and activities.  I’m a night owl by nature, so more often than not, I have to coax myself away from my sewing machine to get some shut eye.  No matter what time I eventually get to bed, I know that my kids will be up bright and early the next morning.

What does a typical project day look like for you? 

Well, because of my two beautiful children, I don’t tend to get a lot of sewing done during the day.  If I am able to sneak in some day-time sewing, it’s usually during a snowy morning while the kids are playing or crafting, or during my daughter’s afternoon nap.  The rest of the day is typical to that of any other stay-at-home or work-from-home mom: meal prep; clean-up; school drop off and pick-up; dishes; laundry; play; errands; appointments; messes; tears and belly laughs.

What is your favorite winter beverage? 

Hmmmmm…that’s a tricky one!  Coffee is a necessity, especially in the mornings after all of those late nights sewing. Tea is a luxury, my drink of choice when I want to sit down and curl up in a quilt with a good book or movie.  I’m a big fan of both Starbucks and David’s Tea.  Either way, if it’s cold out, you won’t find me without a warm drink in hand, especially when sewing!


Isn’t she amazing! I absolutely LOVE everything that she makes! My girl’s and I adore her earrings. So cute and whimsical! Also my Starbucks cup is very happy and trendy sporting it’s pretty little cup sleeve!


Guess what?! She is giving one lucky reader a cup sleeve, a tea towel, and a tea pot cozy away! ( A $75 value! Wowzers!  ) Enter Below to Win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


She is also generously offering a 10% discount to any purchase. Just use the coupon code dugansincahoots! So shop shop away! Also make sure you follow her on her blog Waffle Kisses ! Thank you Laura!


9 thoughts on “Waffle Kisses| Featured Artist and Shop|Giveaway

  1. Oh wow, this is all so beautiful!! 🙂 I love it all, I agree, these kind of talents make me so jealous! I want to be able to do things like this! ❤ IDK how to enter, so I am assuming the comment does it well. :3

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